Buylist Instructions

IMPORTANT *Before you start* 

Cash buylists above $100 will require special approval, which will increase their processing time

We will pay cash or store credit for most any non-basic land MTG singles. Use the buylist OR ask us about sending in any bulk.

We reserve the right to decline any trade-in and our buylist should not be considered as a guaranteed offer to buy.

We use the TCG Card Condition Standards for rating our cards. Please check your cards against this before submitting a buylist to ensure no delays in processing or return of cards. We have one change from their criteria, and that is rather than 5mm being an acceptable flex for curling, we only accept 2.5mm.

If you are ready here are the steps:

Step 1:  Create an Account
Step 2:  Log in and click here 
Step 3:  Search for and add your cards.
Step 4:  Choose cash or store credit and submit your buylist.

Please wait to receive an email with an approval, or approval with modifications, before sending in your buylist or dropping into the store.

Note: You must sort your submitted buylist in the order it appears on your submission. Failure to do so may result in a 10% sorting fee being applied.

COUNTERFEIT CARDS: In the event you have accidentally/unknowingly sent us a counterfeit card(s), we will notify you and destroy the card in accordance to Canadian Laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to send you the cards?

Buylists that are placed with us give us an incoming inventory, so orders must be postmarked or dropped off in-store within 7 days of placing your order. Orders postmarked after 7 days may have their orders cancelled or purchase prices updated on receipt. Your buylist will remain active in our system for 14 days, after which time acceptance is not guaranteed.

What happens if my cards don't make it to you?

We strongly recommend that you purchase tracking and insurance for your package. Occasionally packages are lost or damaged in transit and we are not responsible for mistakes made by mail carriers.

How long does the grading process take?

The grading process will fluctuate depending upon how busy we are and how many orders we have at the time. After your order arrives in our facility, we will verify its contents and it will be graded and finalized in 1 to 5 business days.

Do you contact me with the grading results before finalizing my order?

In order to keep the grading flow as fast as possible, we will only contact you with the grading results you email us in advance in regards to the buylist. Otherwise, your order will be graded and finalized in regular fashion.

Can I change my mind and get my cards back after my order is finalized?

The only way we can provide you a return of your cards, if you change your mind regarding the grading or you disagree with the grades you’ve received, is if you have emailed us in advance of the buylist order requesting that you be contacted with the results before finalization. Once we’ve finalized an order, the order is committed to our live inventory and is immediately sent to our fulfillment team to be incorporated into the inventory floor. There will be no way to tell which cards are yours at that point, so we will not be able to return the cards to you if you change your mind.

What happens if I send in cards that aren't of the quality listed on my buylist?

We will grade the cards as appropriate, and we reserve the right to decline to take any cards of incorrect quality. You will be responsible to paying the return shipping on cards we decline for this reason.

What if I have included Foreign Language cards on my buylist?

At this time we do not accept any cards in a buylist in a language that is not English. Any non-English cards submitted will be rejected. You will be responsible to paying the return shipping on cards we decline for this reason.

How will I get paid for my buylist?

Payouts will be issued once buylist has been received and graded. Cash will be held at the store or paid via Paypal, and store credit deposited to your account. Paypal payments are made in CAD. Paypal fees will be removed from the buylist payment. We are not responsible to pay any custom costs for buylists sent to us from outside of Canada. If there is a customs fee when we receive the buylist, it will be removed from your total credit.