Buylist Instructions

IMPORTANT *Before you start* 

Cash buylists above $100 will require special approval, which will increase their processing time

We will pay cash or store credit for most any non-basic land MTG singles. Use the buylist OR ask us about sending in any bulk.

We reserve the right to decline any trade-in.

If you are ready here are the steps:

Step 1:  Create an Account
Step 2:  Log in and click here 
Step 3:  Search for and add your cards.
Step 4:  Choose cash or store credit and submit your buylist.

Please wait to receive an email with an approval, or approval with modifications, before sending in your buylist or dropping into the store.

Note: You must sort your submitted buylist in the order it appears on your submission. Failure to do so may result in a 10% sorting fee being applied.